Brian King

for University Heights

City Council

My name is Brian King, and I am your neighbor in University Heights.

Iโ€™ve been a resident of University Heights since 2011. I love the beauty of our streets, the accessibility of our city government, but most of all, the sense of community. This past year during the pandemic, my wife Darlene and I have been working from home. Like many others, we felt disconnected from much in our lives. We began to walk daily through our University Heights neighborhoods and developed an even deeper appreciation for our city. We took "Time Out Together" with our block on Westwood Road, formed bonds with new neighbors, and joined the "Friends of the Walt," recipients of the University Heights Volunteers of the Year for 2020.

Gradually, becoming more involved with the neighborhood, feelings of disconnection were balanced by a greater sense of connection with our community: University Heights.

I want to take my relationship with the city to the next level by running for University Heights City Council.

During my 20+ year career in Information Technology Iโ€™ve worked for locally based Fortune 500 companies. I want to bring my background in technology to City Council. While our city has made strides in modernization in recent years, there is still significant room to further leverage technology improving communication and promoting greater transparency with residents.

In addition to my career in IT, over the past 7 years I have served on the Boards of Directors for two local non-profits: University Settlement and Bike Cleveland. These leadership opportunities continue to provide me with a breadth of experience overseeing finances, operations, and advocacy that have prepared me to serve on Council.

My name is Brian King, and I ask for your support in becoming your next City Councilmember.



Black Women's PAC


Phone or Text: 216-250-1277

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Ketti Finneran, Treasurer